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In addition to her blog, Dr. Clark has written for several sites around the web, including the NYTimes,  PsychologyTodayYourTango and the National Register of Health Service Psychologists,

Clark writes a Hack Your Anxiety blog for PsychologyToday, where she offers advice about cultivating a more balanced relationship with anxiety, one choice at a time. As an Expert contributor to Your Tango, Clark writes about anxiety and relationship issues, and participates in special projects including two video series with noted love expert Helen Fisher, PhD, where they discussed maintaining healthy relationships and navigating stress in relationships. Her work has been syndicated to TimeHuffington PostMSNliving, PopSugarFoxNewsMagazineYahoo BeautyYahoo ParentingPsychCentraleHarmonyElizabethStreet and Care2.

As a contributing writer to, Clark writes about coping with adversity and life challenges, and was recently honored in the Psychologist Spotlight.

Clark's blog has been selected as a Top 25 blog for relationships by

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Writers, reporters, and producers approach Dr. Clark to lend her psychological expertise across a range of issues, and time permitting she is delighted to help by email, phone, or in person. If you are interested in having her help with a story or be a guest on your program, please contact us directly.

Clark has appeared on local television broadcasts and spoken at four Annual International Leadership Retreats, the 2014 Achieving Optimal Health Conference in Washington, DC, and the Women’s Intelligence Trust (WIT) conference in San Francisco. She has has been cited in over 200 articles and publications, and her work has been featured in TIME, Huffington Post, MSNLiving, eHarmony, PsychCentral, YahooParenting, YourTango, Fox and more.

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These topics are a sampling of our expertise. If you have questions about coping with a life challenge, a relationship issue, or a wellness topic, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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