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Hack Your Anxiety - The must-read for anyone wrestling with anxiety


Hack Your Anxiety

Hack Your Anxiety

The ultimate must-read for anyone wrestling with anxiety in their life: a practical easy to follow guidebook for rethinking and using anxiety to your advantage, based on the latest science and field tested strategies from the trenches.

Everyone’s anxious. Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, NBA star Kevin Love, actress Kristin Bell, your boss, your neighbor, your child, maybe you. We don’t have to do much other than turn on the news, listen to water cooler conversation, or sit at our kitchen tables. None of us can escape anxiety’s reach these days, and it can feel truly terrible.


Anxiety Has a Positive Side

But anxiety doesn’t have to make us miserable – it can be a resource we can learn to use to our advantage. In helping hundreds of people achieve more balance in their lives, I have noticed how central anxiety is to almost every issue in life. Relationships, parenting, work, health, adjusting to a new normal. I’ve come to believe that anxiety isn’t about being mentally ill; it’s about being human.

I kept seeing how helpful anxiety could be to focus people on the issues they cared most about and motivating their needed solutions. I kept seeing how anxiety was so often the gateway to change and growth, as well as the nudge people needed to pay attention. Yet when I went looking for books to recommend as a supplement my therapy work, I couldn’t find any that explained how useful anxiety could be, or how to harness it for good. It simply didn’t exist.

I wrote Hack Your Anxiety to help people learn what I was coming to see over and over: that anxiety can be used as a tool. In the book, I teach readers how to reframe their most common misconceptions about anxiety, tap into its positive effects, and understand why changing their thinking and taking control are the keys to success according to longstanding psychological theory as well as the latest neuroscience.

Using anecdotes, case studies, and relatable stories, Hack Your Anxiety demonstrates how anxiety can be reclaimed as a powerful energy source, bringing you growth, success, and peace.

Find out…➢ How to use anxiety to your advantage➢ The top myths and misconceptions about anxiety➢ Why anxiety can actually be good for you➢ Why avoiding anxiety is the worst possible choice➢ How to clue into the message anxiety is sending you➢ Common workplace anxieties and how to embrace them➢ What anxiety can tell you about the state of your relationship

What Other Professionals Say 

I am so pleased to have a unique new resource for patients that emphasizes the positive power of our anxiety response and very clearly shows how it can be harnessed and used to our benefit. The reader is provided a clear path to taking back control of anxiety and seeing it as an incredibly useful tool to help them along the path toward self-fulfillment. Thank you, Alicia, for this thoughtful and thought-provoking new take on anxiety!”

Beth Salcedo, MD

Medical director of The Ross Center and President, Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) 

“In Hack Your Anxiety, Clark faces off against the central challenge of modern life. Anxiety, stress, and trauma have been shown to affect all levels of our mental, physical, and spiritual health from the first days of gestation. If we are to survive in our fast-paced, information-based world, we will have to learn to domesticate our primitive fear circuity and use our minds to change our brains. Hack Your Anxiety will provide you with straightforward, no-nonsense ways of hacking into this circuitry and regaining control of your brain.”

Louis Cozolino, PhDAuthor of The Making of a Therapist and The New Science of Psychotherapy

hack your anxiety

Hack Your Anxiety offers a fresh road map for how to take a different view of anxiety, and reclaim it as a potent force for living our best lives.

If you or someone you love is struggling to manage anxiety, this book can help.

Hack Your Anxiety


My favorite reviews

Stan Tatkin

PsyD, MFT, author of Wired For Love

“Alicia Clark offers a refreshingly renegade perspective on anxiety. In a world where many individuals and couples are not operating out of secure functioning, and anxiety has been linked to insecure attachment, this is welcome news. In fact, research in neuroscience, especially as pertains to nervous system arousal regulation, supports the notion that it is possible to manage anxiety in a way that leads to happier, more fulfilled lives. Clark’s book includes a helpful introduction to some basic neuroscientific principles, along with a recommended process for handling anxiety. With Clark’s toolkit, anyone suffering from anxiety can draw new hope.”

Candace Smith

for Booklist

“We all know the raised heart rate, tightened muscles, and stomach fluttering that signal anxiety. Warnings about the dangers of excessive stress and anxiety flood the news, and patients are often told to seek ways to avoid it. But what if the dreaded anxiety is a signal that action is needed? What if we could harness our anxiety and put it to good use? Psychologist Clark (with coauthor Sternfeld) begins by dissecting the myths and common misconceptions surrounding the syndrome, explaining common responses to anxiety and then offering practical strategies to provide guidance for anxious people. Far from criticizing the anxious, Clark contends that it’s usually the intelligent and empathetic who experience this phenomenon. Using stories from her own practice, Clark demonstrates how sufferers can find the real message behind the symptoms. She urges them to treat themselves with gentleness and to seek help from others. A sense of being out of control seems to be at the root of most anxiety, and Clark’s practical suggestions, summed up in her “Anxiety Toolkit,” offer solid, comforting ways to master these emotions.”


“Hack Your Anxiety is a seminal book written for all ages and various levels of anxiety. After all, in today’s busy, pressure-filled world it is easy to feel stressed at times, regardless of your stage in life. Whether your anxiety is situational or long term, you will find constructive, practical and valuable advice within these pages. What sets this book apart from other books is the author’s approach. Alicia H. Clark adeptly points out that anxiety can and does work for us. It is a signal, alerting us what to pay attention to. As an individual with a master’s degree in psychology, I couldn’t agree more. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of anxiety and its purpose as well as best practices for managing it positively, look no further than this book.”

More Reviews

” As I believed for a while now, accepting your anxiety is the first step in having a life. Situational or long term, this book tackles most common types of anxiety and offers a little comfort that you’re not alone.” – Netgalley

“Carefully researched and written, this book would be good for just about any reader. We all feel about anxious from one time to another. This book could be a big help to many.” – Goodreads

“Alicia Clark’s information was very well explained and communicated throughout the book and she also gave some really useful tips. We will definitely consider this title for our non-fiction collection. 5 stars!” – Goodreads

Alicia Clark

As a practicing psychologist in Washington DC, I am dedicated to serving the mental health needs of area professionals, students, and families. I have been named one of Washington’s Top Doctors by Washingtonian Magazine and spend my time helping clients face and manage the anxiety and stressors of their life ideally with more confidence and balance.  I have been in the field for more than 25 years and have had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients over that time.

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