Mindful Action Towards Your Health – Achieving Optimum Health Conference 2014

Mindful Action Towards Your Health – Hot Topics Panel

Rebecca Katz, Dr. Tracy Freeman, Alicia Clark, Patricia Koch, Moderator

Achieving Optimal Health Conference


Georgetown University, October 25, 2014

I was pleased to join this terrific panel discussion on hot topics surrounding mindful action towards your health, moderated by wellness expert Patricia Koch. Dr. Freeman touched on the importance of gut health, and physical movement in helping prevent disease and promote lymphatic detoxification. Rebecca Katz shared the importance of eating fats to boost our brain functioning, recommending low glycemic choices like nuts, eggs, lentils, and lean dairy proteins when mental clarity is needed. I discussed research on the link between adequate sleep and mental health, highlighting the particular importance of sleep in childhood and adolescence when brain development is heightened. I also introduced strategies to cope with anxiety, including reframing anxiety as a critical tool for growth and change. It is through leveraging our anxiety into action that anxiety is ultimately reduced and transformed into confidence.

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD