As a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience, I offer the following types of psychotherapy for clients in the Washington DC area.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individually I work with adolescents, adults, and seniors who are curious to understand more about themselves, and ready to unlock their inner strength towards creating the life they want. I help people identify their strengths, and uncover patterns that are holding them back from feeling the satisfaction and joy they want in life. This growing self-awareness lays the foundation on which sustainable change can be built and is necessarily unique to each individual.

Couples Psychotherapy

Whether you are in a long-term relationship, or just starting out, couples therapy can help you strengthen your relationship with your partner. Communication skills are an early and consistent focus in my work with couples as well as identifying areas of conflict where both of you might be feeling stuck. Once I help you learn and practice better communication skills, we will together uncover the patterns that are holding you back from finding the happiness and satisfaction you both want.

Family Psychotherapy

Like with Couples Psychotherapy, emphasis is placed on improving communication skills, and understanding the patterns within the relationship that are holding it back. With improving communication skills, these conflicts can be understood and reshaped such that healthier interaction can prevail. Through this process, healthier relationships are established, and key interpersonal skills are learned to sustain these improvements.

Therapeutic Approach

If you choose to work with me, what’s important to know is that while I tailor my therapeutic approach to meet my clients’ needs and goals, I also rely on my training and expertise honed over the years. As such, in our sessions I may use techniques designed to help you build a greater awareness into your world. This may involve teaching you how to better understand what you’re feeling, what those feelings mean, and releasing you from the internal judgment you might place on your feelings today.

My approach to our working relationship is a holistic one in that I look at both how you feel and how you behave/live your life. This gives me a more complete picture of where your true needs lie. My work often includes psychoeducation on the current brain science that impacts how you cope with life’s challenges, a look at your past and how your past impacts your present situation, as well as cognitive and/or behavioral strategies (CBT) to help you manage your life more effectively.

My therapeutic style is collaborative and its effectiveness relies on mutual insights built in and between sessions.  Sessions are 50 minutes long, and are usually scheduled on a weekly basis for optimal effectiveness. Within the first few sessions, a treatment focus is identified, discussed, and agreed upon.  This focus forms the structure for work in future sessions and a benchmark against which therapeutic progress is measured.  Treatment goals always include defining existing strengths as well as uncovering opportunities for growth and change.

This process begins with an initial consultation where we can assess mutual compatibility.  If you’re in the Washington DC area and in need of psychotherapy services, click here to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment.

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