Bustle – 9 Creepy Feelings You’re Experiencing That Might Actually Be Explained By Anxiety

Pleased to help out with this article for Bustle on the many ways anxiety can lurk in the shadows of our experience trying to tell us something important.

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You may not feel overtly anxious, but your body still has ways to tell you it’s stressed. “Anxiety symptoms aren’t always obvious, and anxiety symptoms can ‘whisper’ to us, communicating their message through the vocabulary of discomfort,” licensed clinical psychologist Alicia H Clark, PsyD, PLLC, tells Bustle. And some of these “whispers” come in the form of creepy sensations.

Here are nine creepy feelings you might be feeling that can actually be explained by anxiety, according to experts.

Spooky Dreams

Nightmares are some of the creepiest experiences of the human brain. Sometimes it can feel like waking up from your very own personal horror movie. And while often this is just a one-off thing, spooky dreams can also be your brain’s way of processing daily anxieties while you sleep.

“Waking up thinking about something unsettling — or dreaming an uncomfortable dream — can leave you feeling off,” Dr. Clark says. “Dreams are often the subject of conflicts and dynamics we are uncomfortable about but not fully aware of. Our imagination’s ability to spin disconcerting scenarios and events can leave us feeling uncomfortable, but ultimately bring our attention to anxieties and concerns that matter deeply to us.” Finding out common dreams and what they mean might bring you some relief.


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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD