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7 Tips for Organizing Your Family Schedule, How to coordinate family calendars to keep everyone on track. by Tiffany Smith

In this terrific post, tips for organizing family schedules are offered. We all know that being organized is the difference between feeling ahead of the chaos, and feeling behind, but few of us likes to be the only one who knows what’s going on. Keeping appointments and organizing your family schedule involves communication, so your family knows what’s going on and can stay on track.

For children who are developing their executive functioning skills, learning about schedules and time management is really important. It helps to have a system at home where they can be involved, and practice this life skill. For older kids, I am a big fan of the shared digital calendar. It has made a huge difference in our lives at hom.

Shared Calendar

Clinical psychologist Dr. Alicia Clark is a big fan of the shared calendar. “The number one recommendation I make to families struggling to keep all the moving parts harnessed,” she says, “is to set up a ‘family calendar.’

You can use a program like Google Drive or Cozi.

With a shared calendar, everyone can update the information in ‘real-time.’ Use settings to color-code activities, like school events, work or doctor’s appointments, and make easy to-do list creators.

“No longer do I get the calls, Mom, when are you picking me up today?”adds Dr. Clark. “Instead, my kids are looking ahead and noticing conflicts early enough to forge their own solutions.”

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD