Bustle – 11 Tell Tale Signs The Person You’re Dating Will Be A Good Partner

Photo: weheartit.com

Photo: weheartit.com

Curious if the person you’re dating is worth kicking things up a notch? I was very pleased to be cited in this great roundup of telltale signs the person you’re dating will be a good partner. My number one measure of a healthy relationship? Feeling comfortable….To read the full post on Bustle, click HERE.

8. You Feel Really Comfortable Around Them

Nothing is better than being with someone you feel like you can truly be yourself around. A good partner is someone who will bring out the confidence in you that makes you feel that level of comfort around them, according to The Huffington Post. The outlet spoke to psychologist Alicia H. Clark who said, “They make you feel comfortable because rather than focusing on aspects of your personality they want to change, they focus on what they love about you.”

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD