Cited in Global Times – Teen Booze Binge: Chinese Youth Get Drunk to Blow Off Steam


gtlogoTeen drinking isn’t just a US problem, but is a growing global one, especially among Chinese teens. I was pleased to help author, Li Lin, on this article, “Teen booze binge: Chinese youth get drunk to blow off steam,” investigating why Chinese teen drinking could be on the rise.

Alicia Clark, a licensed clinical psychologist based in Washington, DC, agrees that drinking among teens can symbolize rebellion, independence and an eagerness to enter the world of adults, and Chinese teens are no exception.

“Being able to drink legally is often perceived as a right of passage to becoming an adult,” she said.

“[Drinking] is also a social pastime that is often depicted in popular media. Teens today are less sheltered, and exposed to global culture in an unprecedented way,” said Clark.

Responsible parenting

“Parents’ attitudes are very important. Parent empathy and understanding with regards to the difficulties of adolescence can help teens feel supported and thereby less needful of seeking excessive peer approval,” said Clark.

“Traditional Asian values of responsibility, family pride and modesty can help protect a teen from overly impulsive or destructive behavior,” she added.


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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD