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One-on-one time with your baby builds a bond. by: Shannon Philpott

Parents well know that connecting with your baby is important to a child’s development, but it isn’t always easy to know just how  to do that. Shannon Philpott collects a variety of easy to implement tips on how to connect with those squiggly bundles of joy – simple things that are probably already a part of your routine. Knowing you are doing the right thing can help you relax into the connection with your little one. I was pleased to weigh in on how to seize those playful moments of parenting towards connection:

With a new baby, it’s common to establish daily rituals that include diaper changes, feedings and baths. Make the most of these rituals by bonding with your baby as she splashes around in the tub, recommends Alicia Clark, a Washington, D.C.-based clinical psychologist. Bath time is an ideal time to connect with your child because you are offering comfort and meeting her needs, she says. Gestures of care and soothing help develop trust between parents and baby, Clark notes.

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD