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It isn’t easy to know how to handle the first days of any new experience, and embarking on college for the first time is no exception.

Happy to have this piece about how to hack freshman anxiety published on Thrive Global and Medium.

5 tips my daughter used to keep her worries in check

Summer is a tricky time. It is a season of hiatus, but also a girding for something new around the corner, a perpetual present that carries the anticipation of what’s to come. For those high school graduates who are entering their first year of college, the future carries with it an even heavier weight of the unknown.

Only a couple of weeks from now my teenage daughter, my eldest, will be leaving home for college. It seems that just yesterday she was in her white dress posing for pictures and graduating high school; then, before she had a chance to regroup, she was being asked to lay down the first bricks of her future. Making choices, academic and otherwise, that require her to know things she can’t possibly yet know. She’s embarking on perhaps the biggest transition we experience in our lives: going from the shelter and structure of home to the openness of college; living a life where she was given the walls, floor, and ceiling of what is possible and then one day, being handed the blueprint to design herself.


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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD