Huffington Post – 10 Things Only People With High-Functioning Anxiety Will Understand

Anxiety manifests various ways, whether it’s through panic attacks, mood swings and excessive rumination. It can cloak itself in procrastination or irritability. But what happens when the anxiety brings you distress, yet you continue to live your daily life without any signs to those around you.

Huffington Post featured an important article discussing the many faces of anxiety, and how those who suffer quietly may appear to be highly functioning but drowning on the inside. I was pleased to share my experience and guidance.

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“Understanding that a key way of managing anxiety is to take control, people with high-functioning anxiety tend to be planners and list-makers,” Clark said. “In staying on top of things, they can keep their anxiety in motion, which helps them live their life optimally.”

But because you constantly expect yourself to go the extra mile in every area of your life, these lists and schedules can be more grueling than is reasonable, Clark added. As your anxiety builds and fatigue sets in, you might find yourself prioritizing your time in the form of avoidance or flaky behavior, which can exacerbate your anxiety even more.

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Alicia H Clark, PsyD

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