Huffington Post – 11 Qualities That Matter Most in a Relationship

Qualities that matter most in a relationship are important to understand. Healthy relationships share many common characteristics, and it can be particularly empowering to notice and cultivate those qualities in yours.

Asked by Huffington Post to weigh in on qualities that matter most in a relationship that is healthy and lasting, I was very pleased to join other noted experts for this terrific roundup of common qualities of lasting relationships. With some careful thought, I decided on compromise – a concept so important when it comes to facing life together.


“So many couples believe that a lack of problems, or the ability to anticipate and avoid them, is a key to a happy relationship. But in my experience, it’s not so much about avoiding problems so much as it is about being able to solve them together. Problems are always going to happen, just as life does. Knowing you can face them together keeps a relationship strong and healthy.” ― Alicia HClark, a psychologist in Washington, D.C.   

Alicia H. Clark, PsyD