Huffington Post – Second Marriages Are More Likely To End In Divorce. Here’s Why

Statistically speaking, second marriages are more likely to end in divorce than not. Even if you have no intention of dissolving a new marriage, statistics are not on your side with divorce risk climbing 10-15% with a second marriage, and another 7-10% for a third marriage. Going through a successful divorce (meaning you have found happiness and love again) might just make it easier to divorce again when times get tough. Some might even argue that divorce, like so many things, gets easier with practice.

Is this really what’s going on? Huffington Post asked me to weigh in on why second marriages are so risky, and I was pleased to join other marriage and family experts. To read the full post, click HERE,


Ideals about marriage and family are challenged

“Whether its the unexpected complications of blending families or the disappointment that a new marriage still falls short of one’s hope for marital bliss, expectations about marriage and family will be challenged by a second marriage. Complicating this, many second marriages aspire to avoid the irreconcilable problems they left in a previous marriage, only to find them in different forms in their new marriage. Expectations are often unreasonably high, and bonds can crumble under this burdensome weight.” ― Alicia HClark, a psychologist in Washington, DC

Alicia H. Clark, PsyD