Cited in Rewire Me – Morning Meditation

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.47.30 PMContinuing in the spirit of transitioning seasons and better nighttime and evening routines, I was pleased to be cited in this Rewire Me article about the benefits of morning meditation as a strategy to improve self-compassion. Not only does good self care improve self-respect and confidence, but it can help us be more compassionate and respectful of others.

Beginning the day with compassion and gratitude can set a powerful mindset for the day ahead. Identifying what you’re grateful for, and exercising self-compassion, is a great way to tune into your inner world, that in itself can be a form of meditation.  Together with adequate rest, mindfulness can help offset the stress of the transitioning season.

One of the reasons mental health experts talk about loving yourself is because the practice has a direct impact on your relationships. “Loving yourself has to do with the capacity to direct compassion toward yourself, and ultimately toward others,” explains Washington, DC-based psychologist Alicia Clark. “If you love yourself conditionally, you will always be looking for someone to act in ways to win your love, and will likely be often disappointed.”


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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD