Power of Positivity – 5 Silent Killers Of A Relationship

Silent killers of a relationship are by nature stealthy. While silence itself can afford needed moments of pause, silence can also facilitate avoidance, allowing relationship challenges to fester. Anger unresolved, and unexpressed, is one of the stealthiest challenges to navigate in a relationship. Managing anger in relationships isn’t easy, but it is absolutely possible with the right tools.


I was pleased to have my work highlighted in this roundup of silent relationship threats for the Power of Positivity. To read the full post, click HERE.



Animosity in a relationship is a definite intimacy killer. Animosity often surfaces due to one partner’s (real or perceived) lack of responsibility or inaction. When this behavior continues despite the issue(s) having been discussed, one or both partners is/are liable to harbor silent resentment. Once again, this silence results from feelings of futility.

According to Dr. Alicia H. Clark, the solution “is to channel the shock at your spouse’s behavior into empathy, to try and understand them, and to come at the situation trying to see their perspective.” Ideally, a mutual agreement of some sort will be reached, which may require a bit of compromise from both.

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD