Feeling Invisible – 3 Steps to Speaking Up in Relationships


invisibleIt isn’t hard to feel invisible when we avoid speaking up in relationships, be they at home or at work. After all, wouldn’t life be simpler if the people around us could just know what we need without our having to ask them for it? It is so easy to blame others for not listening to us, or for not giving us credit for our ideas or thoughts, when in fact we might never have expressed them in a way that others are able to understand. This can happen in many settings and situations, but it always involves relationships.

Excerpts from this article were published on Your Tango http://bit.ly/1lx7Ahk

[bra_blockquote align=”]By avoiding saying what we need, we cause our needs to continue to be unmet, and through this avoidant process, those unmet needs get bigger, not smaller. [/bra_blockquote]

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD