Huffington Post – 6 Tips For Surviving The Holidays If You Don’t Like Your In-Laws

Surviving the holidays if you don’t like your in-laws can be tough, especially when expectations are high, and the pressure of the holidays is in full force. Why can’t you just enjoy time together as one big happy family?

Huffington Post asked me to weigh in on best ways to cope when the pressure and stress of family gatherings mounts. I was pleased to join other experts in sharing some useful tips for this great piece.


No. 3 Put Your Needs First

“One of the main reasons we lose our patience with guests, and in-laws in particular, is the nonstop demand to entertain them. Having company, especially family company, often goes hand in hand with neglecting your needs in the service of others ― and that results in poor self-care. As much as it may feel like you have no time to take care of yourself, there is nothing smarter than this when it comes to managing stress and personal space invasions. Keep up your fitness and health routines, take a longer shower, go to bed early, take time in the day to sit for a while and read. Pay attention to what your body needs and find ways to make your needs more of a priority.” ― Alicia HClark, a psychologist in Washington, D.C.  

Alicia H. Clark, PsyD