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image10 Things to Say to Get Her Naked…Right Now

Just don’t ever say “I love you”

In this informative post, Purewal collects expert advice on things to say to a woman to initiate intimacy, a conundrum for many facing modern dating. It is well known that confidence and a capacity for fun are universally attractive traits, but how do you choose the right words to turn her on without being creepy? Channeling this into your dialogue when you sense a connection with a woman is an important part of making her sense that you are fun, are interested in her, and can be trusted.
  • Beyond the one-liner, flirtatious conversation should be a dialogue that can foster a desire for connection, intimacy, and fun. Showing her that you are trustworthy, and that she is safe, is a critical part of demonstrating she can allow herself to be vulnerable with you.
  • It can’t all be about safety though – make it fun and flirtatious. Sex is, of course, adult play, and an invitation to play will be most successful when it is fun. Research predictably shows that people who are happy and even funny are more attractive than those who are less happy. So don’t be afraid to show her your playful side – that you can have fun. In turn you will show her how much fun it would be to play with you.
“For any line to work, she has to be predisposed, in some way, to getting naked with you,” says clinical (psychologist) Alicia H. Clark. “A true line only works if she already wants to take her clothes off. At best, a line can establish rapport and show confidence.” So if you’re ready to make the night memorable, here are 10 lines that will get her to take it off—in the right situation.


Getting naked is a sign of vulnerability and trust, according to Clark. So in order for her to want to be naked, she has to feel safe. While there are plenty of ways to make her feel safe, an easy way is to take care of the things she needs doing, such as chores and errands, especially if she’s been feeling stressed out.

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD