Cited in Forbes – 5 Ways Women Can Exude Confidence at Work

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In this great post, 5 Ways Women Can Exude Confidence At Work, Christine Perkett assembles an impressive list of ways to convey confidence at work. I weighed in on anxiety’s central role. Not only can anxiety challenge and demand our confidence, but anxiety can also fuel the mettle we need to push through the very challenges that build our confidence:

“If we don’t value and respect ourselves, our thoughts, and our time, we can’t expect others to. This simple truth is nowhere more evident that in the workplace where leaders influence as much by what they do as by what they say.

“Confidence therefore is as critical to feel as it is to project, and this can sometimes be tough, especially if you feel over your head some days. Anxiety can be a confidence killer – that quiet voice that whispers you might not be good enough, that things could turn out badly, that you could be hurt or humiliated. Anxiety’s voice often cripples us into inaction, and creates situations where we have to face our fears of inadequacy, and missed opportunities. Confidence and self-esteem are like the “savings account” that protect our “bank accounts” from anxiety’s greedy threat to overtake, or “overdraw” us.

To read Perketts tips on building up our “savings account,”

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD