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 11 Tips to Ace Your First Date

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I was used as a source for this post on acing a first date: Make sure to stay upbeat, look your best so you feel your best, and remember to keep the focus on the conversation, and what you are thinking about him, rather than what he is thinking about you.

Stay upbeat, resist negativity, and look to end the date while it is going well. Avoid negativity around any subject. Similarly, beware of sarcasm – it is negativity veiled in humor. Remember happiness is a universally appealing attribute, so put your best positive foot forward, and let him know you are having a good time (if you are). Finally look for ways to end the date in control and on top. As the date is nearing a close, look to tell him how much you enjoyed his company, what you might like to do again, and thank him for the date. Own saying goodbye to demonstrate you enjoy his company, but do not need him. It will always feel better to be the one saying goodnight, than the one being said goodnight to. So long as you tell him that you really enjoyed yourself, don’t be afraid to end the date sending the message that if he wants to see you again he needs to ask you out again.

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD