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Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 5.59.17 PMSocial media allows endless opportunities for bragging and self promotion – it is after all to be be expected to some degree. However, it isn’t hard to let this bragging go too far, and back fire. I was pleased to write this article for YourTango about why selfies annoy us so much, and what our reaction to these common behaviors might say about us.

Grrrr … they’re just SO annoying. And this is why … 

It’s impossible to spend time on social media these days without encountering an endless stream of selfies and humble brags. Not only have these become so commonplace that we’ve coined new words to describe these behaviors, but most of us share a similar reactions when we encounter them — annoyance.

Recent research from Harvard confirms what we already know — that as a strategy for self-promotion, these tactics DON’T work and can often backfire.

We’re realizing that, even though the whole point of social media is sharing your successes and happiness with friends, if you go too far, it can actually damage your friendships and risk others outright shaming you. Even articles written about the effects of selfies and humble bragging are sometimes penned with a sharp edge of criticism and shame. For example one article ended with this, “Please plug the hole in your self-esteem with something else, and leave our social network feeds alone.” Ouch!

But, wait a minute — let’s pause and really look at why selfies and humble brags irritates us … the real reasons. Because, aren’t we just being hypocrites? Haven’t you shared a selfie (or several) and occasionally posted a humble brag of your own? So why, when other people do it, does it irritate us to the point of shaming and criticizing them?

Your reaction has far more to do with you than you realize:

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD