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Budget Out Of Control? How to Take Charge


I was recently quoted in this article about taking charge of your finances.

Alicia H. Clark, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, has some tips for those who are ready to take charge of their money:

“The first step in getting control of your money is to recognize the anxiety money is causing you, and use the energy of that anxiety to fuel productive action rather than avoidance,” Clark says. “Break your tasks into parts so small that you barely notice that you are taking a first step.”

She suggests that a good first step is opening up your account online and looking at the numbers. Your first step should be simple and small. “Whatever the first step is, do it, and breathe deeply, recognizing that you are taking action,” Clark continues. “Know that facing the truth of your situation is the first step to changing it for the better.”…

“Look for ways you can improve your finances,” Clark says. “What are five ways you can decrease your spending? Are there ways you can grow your income?”

“Recognize that money is simply a resource that you have to manage much like your time, your energy, and your attention,” Clark says. “At its best, money is a reflection of your choices and your financial situation.” Stop thinking of money as the end itself, and start thinking about what you want from your life — and how money is the tool to help you achieve. Manage your money as a resource, and it becomes easier to take charge of your situation and work toward the things that you want out of life.

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