Bustle – 11 Surprising Things In A Relationship That Are Worth Making Time For, According To Experts


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So pleased to be included in this great roundup for Bustle in things in a relationship that are worth making time for.

Many of you have heard me urge couples to embrace more screen-free time, because time on your phone sends an (unintended) message that something or someone else is more important than your partner. This is a simple fix, but also one that requires a bit of discipline. Why not consider making times of the day, or parts of home screen free. At minimum, if you are having a conversation, put your phone down and turned upside down so you won’t be tempted…

1. Spending More Phone-Free Time Together

Chances are that when you and your significant other are spending time together, your phones might not be very far away. Even if you’re madly in love with him or her, it’s possible you’re still finding yourself scanning through Instagram or Twitter while you’re “spending quality time together.” Well, turn that phone off. Huffington Post spoke to psychologist Alicia H. Clark who said that constantly staring at your phones while with your SO nonverbally conveys to them that what you’re doing on your phone is more important than them. Clark suggested spending time together where you actually turn off, mute, or put your phone out of reach. “This allows your partner your full attention and sends the nonverbal message that time together is important,” Clark said.

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD