Yahoo – The Internet Is Obsessed With Spotting the Panda in This Cartoon – Can You Find It?

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Internet games and riddles are pervasive, and most of us love nothing more than trying our hand at a good (and seemingly simple) online puzzle. The latest visual challenge that is sweeping the internet has to do with spotting the panda amidst a sea of snowmen. I have to admit, late last night, I got sucked in too, and couldn’t find the panda as soon as I thought I should have…

So just why are we so obsessed with these perceptual puzzles? It’s a bit of a challenge, a bit of boredom, and perhaps just some simple solitary fun. I was pleased to weigh in on this topic for another great post by Korin Miller for Yahoo. To read the full post, CLICK HERE.


It’s also just human nature to want to rise to the challenge, licensed clinical psychologist Alicia H. Clark, PsyD, tells Yahoo Health. “Thanks to our dopamine circuits in the brain, if we perceive a reward, however small, we are more likely to engage,” she says. That’s especially true when we’re tired or stressed, she says, since we often need a pick-me-up or little reward to boost our mood.

Throw a little competitive spirit into the mix and we want to take the challenge, be great at it, and … maybe brag a little.

Of course, not everyone can find the panda easily. Clark says the puzzle is deceptively difficult, since it looks simple, yet requires a more detailed look (while most of us are used to skimming things online).

But whether you found the panda in seconds or are still looking, experts agree that it’s all in good fun — and good for your brain.

Did you find the panda?

Alicia H. Clark, PsyD