Huffington Post – 7 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Relationship

I was asked by Huffington Post to weigh in on the ways Facebook can ruin your relationship, and was very pleased to join a great panel of experts discussing these relationship dangers.

To be sure, Facebook can be a wonderful way of maintaining connections with friends and acquaintances, but too much attention to Facebook or any other social media outlet, and your relationship can suffer. Not only do you send a message to your partner that your friends on Facebook are more important than your relationship, but you can become vulnerable to online connections that can lead to much more. Like with everything, moderation and healthy communication keep relationships at their best.

To read the full piece on Huffington Post, CLICK HERE.


Checking Facebook before bed can put a damper on intimacy and affect sleep.


“If you’re chronically surfing Facebook when you could be going to bed with your partner, it can damage your relationship. Not only are you on your computer screen when your partner might be interested in relationship-enhancing conversation, physical intimacy, or a cuddle, you are likely tinkering with your natural sleep cues that could leave you sleep deprived. As I’ve told clients, avoid social media (and screens) at least one hour before bed in order to help you get the best sleep possible and so you can engage with your partner instead. Keep the bedroom a screen-free zone.” — Alicia H. Clark, licensed psychologist based in Washington, D.C. 


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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD