Coping with Cancer? Top Ways To More Than Hang In There –

fap-logoReceiving a cancer diagnosis may be among the most stressful life events one can imagine, paving a road ahead that can be scary and daunting to say the least. And yet, coping with cancer can also be a meaningful catalyst to seize life’s possibilities, with the proper tools and mindset. Recognizing one’s feelings, defining one’s desires for life, and optimizing experiences towards achieving these goals is never more important than when facing a life threatening illness. Living life has to stay the focus in every way. Read the full article here.

Coping with cancer is a process. While the initial diagnosis is often fraught with harsh emotions, it certainly doesn’t have to continue on that trajectory. With a focus on being open about feelings, utilizing anxiety as a forum for action, remaining positive, and making sure to have a laugh, coping with cancer is much more manageable. By taking a few regular steps, you’ll feel like you’re more than hanging in there. Surprisingly, you might even appreciate life – and even enjoy life – in an even more meaningful way.

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD