Cited in You Beauty – How to turn down a guy – nicely

yb_new_logo-088a06d7a7d5116d42b54b300c1bba01Deftly handle that awkward moment when a guy friend you’re not into asks you out.

Turning down an interested man, or woman, can be awkward, and doing it gracefully can be especially challenging when s/he is a friend or coworker.  writes about how to turn down a guy, and do it nicely when he is someone you know. How to do it – keep it brief, keep it light, and be graceful.

End with grace. A conversation involving a rejection can be seriously awkward, so it’s important to end on a positive, light note. You can try a bit of humor: “Aim to pick something light that isn’t personal to him or too close to the situation of your rejecting him,” says Alicia Clark, an assistant professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. For example, if this person is a friend, you might crack an inside joke the two of you share. “The trick is to pick a style of humor that will bring comfort to you both,” says Clark.

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD