Confidence of Summer

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The relaxed expectations of the season allow for needed rejuvenation, and the opportunity to give your confidence a boost.

Time with old friends can restore your sense of self. A vacation can allow for a fresher perspective. Making family memories can help improve your outlook on life.

The trick to bottling up this seasonal good feelings (for facing future anxieties) is to go about storing them properly. Yes, store them. These stores of positive feelings can help you face future anxieties.

How exactly do you bottle up confidence and wellbeing for future use?

Notice… then celebrate it. 

According to science, we tend to remember where we focus. So, noticing wellbeing and confidence when they occur can help lay down retrievable memories and patterns that can serve you later.

Recognizing personal growth helps cultivate more of it. Noticing improvement is one of the best things you can do to maintain momentum and foster growth. This is “positive reinforcement” and one of the most recognized concepts in the science of psychology and learning.

So… as you relax and enjoy the luxuries of summer, take a few moments to really notice, and celebrate, how good–and confident–you feel in your summer skin.

Hold onto this awareness and your memories of it, and your confidence will not fade, even as the season inevitably will.

To your confidence!


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