Facebook Study Reveals How Many College Grads Found Their Spouses in School


Facebook Study Reveals How Many College Grads Found Their Spouses in School

I was asked by Aimee Hosler of QuinStreet Media to comment on a recent Facebook Study revealing how many college grads found their spouse at college – why could this be, and what might the data suggest?

Dr. Alicia H. Clark, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the Washington DC metro, told CityTownInfo that personal psychology and the nature of the college experience play a role.

“During this time of intense study and social immersion, young people set about to become who they are going to be as adults,” said Clark, noting that this is a period when interests, behavior patterns and friendships are often established for life. “It is not at all surprising that some relationships would be laid down for life too, as mating is considered a normal developmental challenge of our twenties.” She notes that the student lifestyle also contributes to the trend, since colleges are comprised of students in a similar age set who “have chosen the same school, which could suggest a similarity of values and culture.”

The author also asked if finding a mate was an appropriate goal for college students in general.

Clark, on the other hand, suggests focusing on yourself and playing the relationship game by ear.

“[Pick] a college, job, or location that is the best fit for you, be happy, and engage socially,” said Clark, noting that studies suggest happiness is one of the single most attractive features partners find in one another. “If you are happy, stimulated, and at your best, meeting someone who is drawn to your happiness and can help you stay happy will happen.”

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD