February 2015 Roundup: Importance of Sex, Lunchtime Walks, Small Child Rearing

Looking to curl up with your hot chocolate after stomping in from the cold? Here are some recent top-viewed articles with info on the importance of sex, the benefits of a lunchtime walk, and inspiration for those seemingly long, small-child rearing years. I’ve also included the two articles I published this month in conjunction with YourTango.com. Check it out!



Why We Love, Why We Cheat

A TED Talk with Dr. Helen Fisher

On the importance of sex in maintaining attachment, and conversely, how SSRI antidepressants dull libido. From the renowned biological anthropologist and author of “The Anatomy of Love“.



Business woman in New York City candid and realThe Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk 
NY Times Wellness Blog

No matter the weather, leave your desk and get your feet pumping – the payoffs are immediate as well as long-term.



1EV0044631 Things Empty Nesters Want Parents Of Little Kids To Know
Huffington Post “Post 50”

You love them profusely, but oh, are these small children a handful! Some tips from the other side about savoring these precious parenting years.





Published This Month
If you didn’t catch the posts I authored in conjunction with YourTango.com this month, here they are:

50 shades of grayThe Warped Message ‘Fifty Shades’ Teaches Your Teen About Love

Our teens might not know the difference between abuse and love, so it’s up to us to talk with them.



Young love Couple smiling under blue skyFeeling Lonely In Your Relationship? 6 Sweet Ways To Reconnect

Sure, you’re under the same roof, but are you actually sharing conversation, and finding quality time together? This is normal, and fixable! This article describes how to make the changes.



I wish you well in making the most of surviving February’s bitter chill, and looking ahead to next month’s official arrival of spring. Ahh.

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