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Social Media Dating Tips for Men

When it comes to dating, your social media profile can say a lot about you – sometimes more than you know. And your friends, and potential mates, are most certainly paying attention. So when it comes to dating and putting your best foot forward, I was asked for Men’s Health what men could do to boost their attractiveness to women. Here are a few social media dating tips I shared:

Pictures are a central part of your online presence, and often convey more information than words. Studies show that we take in visual information exponentially faster than text. So take the time to look carefully at your online pictures. Ask yourself what kind of information a picture might be sending to someone you don’t know, and would like to know better. When posting pictures,

“take one kind of photo out of circulation – anything with a woman who isn’t a friend or a family member. “It won’t make you look attractive,” says Alicia Clark, a clinical psychologist. “It’ll just look suspicious. She’s not just thinking, ‘Who is this girl?’ She’s also thinking, ‘What is he trying to say about himself by uploading that photo?’ ”




How you interact online also conveys information about you, what kind of person you are, and what kind of friend or partner you are. Make sure to demonstrate a capacity to be perceptive, funny, and warm – 3 of the top ten qualities  women look for in men. Look to build relationships with your social media, demonstrating a capacity to be a friend, and ultimately a good partner:

“Time to start being more chatty. “Women want men who are accessible,” says Clark. “She’s judging if you’re a good friend and, ultimately, if you’ll be a good boyfriend.”

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Alicia H. Clark, PsyD