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8 Tips for Surviving Holiday Planning with Kids, by Meghan Ross.

I was asked about how to manage the stress of the holidays with kids. Striking a balance between getting organized and having fun with your family can be a challenge for even the most seasoned parent. Get organized as early as possible – before Thanksgiving if at all possible. Instead of dreading the seasonal demands, turn your anxiety into action by making an action plan. The more organized you are, the less the tasks (and stress) will sneak up on you. Then look for ways to get your family involved and make it fun.

Make a List “Managing time is the single biggest stress reliever when it comes to handling added pressure,” says Alicia Clark, a licensed clinical psychologist. Start your holiday planning well in advance of the season by making a list of everything that you’d like to accomplish.

Watch Holiday Movies An occasional show is a good way to entertain your children, while you check items off of your to-do list. “Opt for popping in a holiday classic that will help them feel the holiday spirit, while you are holiday choring yourself,” suggests Clark. This way you can also watch the movie while you doing some online gift shopping or signing your name to holiday cards.

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